Best BOXING GLOVES 2019 Reviews: Everything you need

Today, discuss you and not Ali (May his soul rest in peace) or Holyfield. This is because reaching there could take years of practice and determination, as they are an inspiration to all. Nonetheless, with the right gear, hours of training and courage, you may also accomplish your own goals.

Talking about gears brings us to talk about the Best boxing gloves that you may need for now. Why not read this entire post and get a fair understanding of this accessory. Just Gloves have even found you a few gloves that you can choose from in case you are completely new to the arena!

What Size Boxing Gloves Should I Get

Boxing Gloves Size Chart

What Size Boxing Gloves Should I Get?

While determining the size of your glove you must find out what weight category you belong to. It must be added that these gloves weigh like 8 ounces to 20 ounces. Hence, there is the need for the weight (requirement) to match. Like, lightweight to heavyweight will range anything between 10 ounces to 18 ounces specifically. Baggy gloves need less padding and so on.

This is why we recommend you to know the category you fit. This will aid you in finding the perfect pair for you. Why not get the right ones from the beginning and train comfortably with them?

Top 10 Best Boxing Gloves 2019 Reviews

Here is a rundown of the Best boxing gloves for you:

Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Kickboxing Training Gloves

These training gloves boast of premium quality and are available at an affordable price. The foam in the gloves is infused with a special Gel that makes them comfortable to wear and also offers protection to the hands. The gloves are not only durable but they are super easy to clean. The good news is that it can be purchased online and the manufacturer also offers a valid warranty on the product.

These gloves are available in variety of interesting colors. Also they are fund in sizes ranging between 8 and 16 oz. Before you make your purchases make sure you go through the size chart. Want to know more about these fabulous gloves? Then keep reading.


  1. The quality and construction of the gloves are simply amazing and it is evident that these gloves will last for long time
  2. The gloves have a special gel in them which makes them highly comfortable to wear for long hours
  3. The  design is very impressive
  4. The foam used in the gloves is of superior quality
  5. The loop system makes sure that the glove is perfectly secure during training sessions
  6. The mesh makes certain that air is able to pass through the gloves to keep the  hands cool
  7. Very affordable option
  8. Available in different sizes and colors for men ,women and children


  1. The gloves are a bit heavier than what is mentioned in the description
  2. They also see a bit bigger than the usual sizes
  3. Some of the colors are not available all the time

Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves

This is a lightweight glove that is manufactured in Thailand. These gloves can be used by both advanced and beginner boxers. The PU used in the glove adds to the durability and performance. The foam has three thick layers in it which acts as an effective shock absorber and protects the hands during matches and rigorous training sessions.

The interiors are made of breathable mesh and combined with strong PU leather these gloves will certainly last for a very long time to come. The curved design adds to the performance and the boxer can perform a striking motion easily. The big Velcro enclosure makes sure that the gloves fit properly at all times. There is no doubt that this glove is worth every penny you spend on it. So, keep reading to be fascinated by this product.


  1. The high quality PU leather adds to the performance and provides good durability
  2. The foam has three layers and absorbs the shock
  3. The Velcro straps are very effective and make sure that the gloves have a good fit
  4. Built to provide maximum safety
  5. Authentic product as it has the company’s logo printed on it
  6. The manufacturer provides a valid warranty on the product
  7. Readily  available online
  8. Very affordable
  9. Provides good protection to your hands
  10. These are found in various different colors and sizes


  1. Size of the gloves is a bit smaller than what is mentioned in the description
  2. The  gloves are also heavier than the weight  than what the manufacturer claims

TITLE Boxing Pro Style Leather Training Gloves

If you are looking reliable pair of boxing gloves to pursue your passion then these gloves will not disappoint in anyway. Made with sturdy leather these gloves will last for a very long time. These gloves are ideal for training sessions and professional matches.  These gloves are found online and the company offers a valid warranty on the products. There is no doubt that these gloves are worth buying and as a customer you will not regret buying them. You could even consider gifting them to someone.

The gloves have a leather shell that adds to the durability of the product so you can expect these gloves to keep you company for a longtime. The foam has more than one layer thus it acts as a shock absorber. The nylon liner inside eliminates all the moisture content and maintains the freshness of the glove. So, if you want to learn more about these wonderful gloves keep reading and be fascinated with the facts.


  1. Made from very high quality leather and are suitable for both beginners and  advanced boxers
  2. Breathable so it eliminates all moisture from the hands
  3. Very easy to clean
  4. Available in a variety of interesting colors
  5. The fit is perfect and comfortable
  6. The company  provides refund on defective products
  7. Very affordable option
  8. They can be ordered online and are delivered within days


  • The gloves are not as lightweight as the company claims
  • The fit seems a bit tighter than usual
  • Smaller size than what is mentioned in the description

Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

These gloves are designed for professionals and can be used for training and matches. With these gloves you can expect to master your punching techniques very easily. The gloves have a dual layer of foam in it that provides good protection to the hands. The gloves feature a ThumbLok that enhance the safety of your hands. The synthetic leather used in the gloves make them super durable which means they will last for a very longtime to come.

Everlast is a reliable name in the market and it has been around for years giving the customers fabulous products. The company provides a warranty of 120 days from the date of purchasing the product. As a customer you can expect a full refund or replacement on products with manufacturing defects.


  1. These are readily available online and in interesting colors
  2. The padding in the gloves is top notch and you can develop proper technique with these
  3. Has a ThumbLok feature to provide better safety while using this
  4. Found in different sizes
  5. Very affordable product
  6. The construction is fabulous  which means the glove will last for a very long time
  7. Easy to clean
  8. Company provides valid warranty
  9. The manufacturer puts the products through a series of quality checks before selling them
  10. Very versatile product and is ideal for beginners
  11. The elastic band in the gloves makes sure that they fit well


  • The gloves seem a lot smaller than the description
  • They are also not lightweight
  • The fit is also slightly tight

RDX Elite Boxing Gloves Training Sparring Punching Glove

RD is a reputed brand that makes world class sports good and these boxing gloves are a perfect example of this. These gloves have sufficient padding that make them very comfortable to wear for long hours. The good thing is that these gloves are of superior quality but at the same time they are very affordable.

These gloves help you to master your technique fast and also provide a high degree of safety to your hand. The gloves are specially designed to absorb shock during contact sport. With such wonderful features you no longer have to switch over to other expensive brands. The synthetic leather adds to the durability of the product which means they will last for a long time to come. The fabric on the inner side of the glove eliminates the moisture from the glove keeping it fresh for a longer time.


  1. The gloves have sufficient adding that allow the user to develop good punching techniques with sustaining injury
  2. The nylon on the inside eliminates all moisture from the inside keeping your hands free from odor
  3. The EZ hook gives you a good fit and provides the wrist with adequate support
  4. The foam has a special gel that helps to absorb all the shock near the knuckle area
  5. Made from authentic  leather and the stitching is high class
  6. Very affordable product
  7. The company provides a valid warranty


  1. The gloves seem a bit smaller than  usual
  2. The weight of the gloves are a bit more than usual gloves

RDX Ego Boxing Gloves

These gloves are very versatile and boast of superior design and quality. These gloves are handcrafted and they are made to last. So, in other words you will no longer have to depend on expensive brands as these are very affordable. The manufacturer uses state of the art technology to create these and they are put through several checks to make sure that the quality is top notch.

The interior of the gloves have a sturdy layer of leather that makes them comfortable to wear for long hours. This also ensures that the hands are safe while practicing. The gloves have a special shock gel that help in shock absorption. The good thing is that with these gloves you also get to perfect your technique to a greater extent. Keep reading to learn more about this fabulous product


  1. The Quadro Technology helps to distribute the force equally upon impact
  2. The palm has ventilation to get rid of excess moisture
  3. The gloves have a long strap and hook closure    which also make sure that they fit really well
  4. The layer of foam is extra thick and has a special gel to reduce shock on impact
  5. The hide leather  adds to the durability and so you can expect the gloves to last for a very long time to come
  6. The manufacturer offers a valid warranty on the all the products


  1. The gloves are slightly smaller than usual
  2. They tend to have a tight fit
  3. The product seems a bit heavier than what is mentioned

Trideer Pro Grade Boxing Gloves

These gloves from Trideer are designed to make sure that you excel in your sporting activity. These help to alleviate stress and add strength to the core muscles. With this product you can be rest assured of getting the maximum protection from accidents.  The gloves are idea for people who are just starting out and for advanced boxers too. Trideer is a reputed brand and has been in the industry for years to come so the quality of the product is assured.

The foam is able to provide substantial amount of cushioning and provides insulation against heat. These gloves are not toxic and do not get corroded by chemicals. The interior is made from soft cotton, this helps to do away with any uncomfortable friction. The gloves are very affordable and so you do not have to settle for any other expensive brands. Want to more about these gloves? Then keep reading to find out more.


  1. These are resistant to any kind of uncomfortable odor
  2. Very durable and so they will last for a very long time
  3. Strong construction
  4. Available in 4 different bright colors
  5. Will fulfill all your requirements
  6. These are very comfortable and can be worn for long hours
  7. Made from breathable fabric so all moisture content is eliminated
  8. Readily available online
  9. The manufacturer provides a valid warranty and also provides a full refund on products that have manufacturing defects on them.


  1. The gloves are slightly tight fitting
  2. Sizes seem to be inconsistent
  3. A bit on the heavier side

Elite Sports Star Gel Training Gloves

So, are you on the lookout for training gloves that will last? Well, these are the right gloves for you. Made from durable materials these gloves will last for a very long time to come. The Velcro straps on the gloves make sure that the fit is good and firm. This has already outsold every other brand in the market

With these gloves one can expect to learn the correct techniques and get sufficient protection for the hands. The good thing is that these gloves are extremely affordable which means you do not have to depend on any other brand. These are readily available online and are fund in a myriad of interesting colors.  You can also choose from different sizes which is an added benefit. There is no doubt that these gloves are total value for money. You can also consider buying this as a gift for a loved one


  • The gloves stay dry and cool most of the time
  • Helps to get rid of injuries and sprains
  • Improves performances by leaps and bounds
  • Increases your focus and improves your technique
  • The design is slightly curved
  • Made from Durable leather
  • Very comfortable fit
  • Available online
  • The manufacturer provides valid warranty on the products and also offers full refund on defective products
  • The construction of the gloves is top notch and they will last for a very long time


  • Not lightweight
  • The fit is not very comfortable
  • The size is also very inconsistent
  • The Velcro strap gives away quickly

JBM Boxing Gloves

These gloves are made from premium quality PU leather which adds to the strength and durability of the product. So, you can expect the gloves to last for a very long time to come. As a user you can expect to perfect your boxing techniques with these gloves. These are already outselling all other brands in the market by leaps and bounds. The good thing is that they are readily available online and that too in many attractive colors so as a customer you will literally be spoilt for choice.

The thickness at the wrist is 1.33 cm which means you can expect to stay protected at all times. The special construction helps to absorb all the shock and provide maximum comfort. There is no doubt that these gloves are totally worth the money you spend on them. So, you want to know more about the gloves? Well keep reading more to learn about the wonderful product.


  1. The item is packed really well
  2. The gloves are available online in multiple colors
  3. The construction is really top notch and it will last for a very long time to come
  4. Made from compressed cotton and durable PU
  5. The thickness of the glove makes sure that you can improve your technique and also  stay protected well at all times
  6. Very affordable
  7. The interior of the gloves makes sure that the moisture can be eliminated  and the hands do not feel uncomfortable


  1. The gloves are much smaller than the usual sizes
  2. They seem a bit heavy

Cheerwing Boxing Gloves

These gloves from Cheerwing are made from advanced EVA and advanced Sponge and are ideal for both beginners and advanced boxers. The gloves are designed to absorb shock and help to improve your hooks. The design and high quality of the gloves have made the brand a household name. There is no denying that the product is worth buying as it is made by a reputed manufacturer.

The gloves come with a special thumb protection which gives you the opportunity for optimal striking. The wrist area has about two layers of Velcro to add a lot of protection to your wrist. This also makes sure that the glove fits well on the hand. The manufacturer provides a valid warranty on the products. Do you wish to know more about this fabulous product? Well, keep reading and be fascinated with the benefits that this product has to offer.


  • The design of the glove facilitates a better fit and provides maximum comfort
  • The thumb protection helps  you stay protected and also improve your technique in the process
  • The wrist strap provides better and improved support
  • The gloves are made using durable and high quality materials so you can expect them to last for a  long time
  • Very affordable option
  • Readily available online in different colors
  • As a customer you can expect a full refund or replacement on defective products
  • You  can also buy them in different  sizes


  • The sizes are not very consistent
  • The fit is slightly tight
  • They also seem very heavy

How to choose best boxing gloves 2019?

There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration before you go out and buy boxing gloves. Firstly, you should buy from a reputed brand so you must spend some time doing some amount of research in locating a good boxing gloves brand. You should read customer reviews before you make your purchases. Here are some tips that will help you select the right kind of gloves for you.

How to choose best boxing gloves 2019

Size Of The Glove

Gloves come in various sizes and divided as per gender and age. So you must be sure of your size before you go out to buy one. When you are buying online be sure to go through the size chart well.

Different Types Of Gloves

Here is a list of the different kinds of gloves:

  • Training gloves: These are used by both professionals and amateurs. They are typically used for intense practice sessions. Typically they are available in different styles, colors and sizes.
  • Bag gloves: These gloves are specially designed to protect your hand. These are used while training with double bags, speedballs and heavy bags. These are usually heavily padded and are used with punching bags. These are very user friendly. You can expect to protect your hands well with these gloves.
  • Sparring gloves:  The most obvious size is 16oz. These gloves have a lot of padding so you do not end up hurting your practice partner. These gloves help you to develop proper technique and form. You can also expect to build up good amount of endurance and stamina with these gloves.

These are some of the points you should consider before you go out and buy boxing gloves.

How To Clean Boxing Gloves?

Boxing has always been in the spotlight. It is pretty old a sport that seems to gain fresh popularity. If you want to be a successful boxer, then you must take care of your gear. Boxing gloves tend to get smelly the most and for that you know to take care of them.

Here are a few basic steps you can follow to keep them fresh:

  1. Wipe your glove with paper towels as this will absorb the moisture
  2. Do this on a regular basis
  3. This will prevent bacterial growth of any kind
  4. Come what may, do not leave them in your gym bag
  5. Let them air out instead
  6. Please do not wash them in a washing machine
  7. Use a disinfectant (vinegar and water) or anti-bacterial sprays to clean after wiping them dry
  8. If possible use wraps around your hands as these will act like a sponge and soak all the moisture in the first place
  9. The easiest way would be to freeze your gloves overnight or may be for 2 days as a precaution against bacterial growth
  10. However, make certain that you air dry them before you use them again

The main purpose of this conversation was to focus on the part, you need to keep your gloves odor free and dry. It is healthy and you must not refrain from doing these things by any means.

How To Wash Boxing Gloves?

See, as mentioned above you must keep your gloves clean by all means. The least thing that you can do is to clean them with toilet papers. Nevertheless, just keep in mind, no matter how tempted you may get, you must never wash them in a washing machine.

Just Gloves have found some easy ways of cleaning your boxing gloves that can actually help you.

  1. The first thing that you must do is to air them out after training
  2. Then wipe clean the gloves with a soft towel or paper towel
  3. Add a few drops of apple cider vinegar or regular white vinegar to water
  4. Use this mixture to clean your boxing gloves
  5. Also clean the outside of your gloves with the vinegar and water concoction
  6. This will remove dirt, sweat and grime off your gloves for sure
  7. Work some anti-bacterial spray on the gloves
  8. Condition (preferably with essential oil like that of lemon) your gloves if they are made of leather
  9. You can even blow dry your gloves if you want
  10. The quickest way would to stuff them with newspaper
  11. Sprinkle gloves with a pinch of baking soda to keep odor at a bay

How Heavy Are Boxing Gloves?

Usually, the pair of boxing gloves a boxer chooses is his/her or the trainer’s choice. Typically, while training boxers would wear 12, 14 or may be 16 ounces of gloves. This makes it certain that these gloves come in a range that varies from 8 ounces to 20 ounces in general. The heavier the glove the more protected its blow will be.

These are primarily used to protect knuckles and faces from bruising. The modern glove was invented in 1700’s by a British fighter that is worn to this day. As far as MMA fights are concerned, 4 ounces of gloves with a separate section for thumb is the style. Pick yours accordingly.

How Much Do Boxing Gloves Weigh?

See, as mentioned boxing gloves weigh in between 6 ounces (for kids) to 20 ounces (heavyweight). Again, for training you may consider wearing 12, 14 or 16 ounce gloves. The heaviness of the gloves is expanded by putting all the more cushioning into it at the assembling stage. On the off chance that you will go full onto your rival, the heavier gloves will give more insurance.

Purchase the gloves that are appropriate for you, or exhorted by your educator (on the off chance that you have one). Additionally ensure you pick the right ones for your opposition – your mentor should tell you.

Where To Buy Best Boxing Gloves?

It seems you already know a lot about best boxing gloves by now, you must also be informed that your boxing gloves ought to have a cozy, agreeable fit with your fingertips touching the highest point of the gloves. Just paying more does not mean your punching gloves would be of quality. In any case, the standard guideline: you get what you pay for, is as yet substantial.

The most ideal approach to purchase boxing gloves and everything these days; is to go to a store that conveys the item and give them a shot in person. After you’ve gone through them, chose the ones you need and then go search at less expensive costs on the web – they will undoubtedly be MUCH less expensive over the internet. That should work and if you are a beginner this is the best way to go about it. Remember, it is your money and your choice that will make the difference.

What Are The Different Types Of Boxing Gloves?

There several types of boxing gloves that can be found these days. Yet, they differ for men, women and children. Here are a few of the varieties:


The 16 or 18 ounce weights likewise encourage you before a battle. The explanation behind this is the heavier weight will make a battling glove feel lighter. They likewise require significantly additionally cushioning for fighting as they shouldn’t hurt your rival.


In the 51-65kg territory, you can utilize an 8 or 10 ounce for sack work. For competing, 16 ounce is the best size. In case you’re in the 63 to 76 kg territory, pick a 12 ounce for pack work and a 16 ounce for fighting. The equivalent can be said for the 74 to 90 kg territory. In case you’re over 88 kg, the significant distinction is utilizing an 18 ounce for fighting is suggested.


For Women under 45 kg, we prescribe utilizing a 6oz glove for pack work. This may be for children glove, but they offer you with the best hand-fit. While for fighting, a 12, 14 or 16 ounce can be utilized. In the 45 to 50kg territory, you can hit sacks with an 8 ounce and fight with a 16 ounce. The 50-60kg territory is truly comparable with only a 10 ounce for pack work prescribed. While for Women more than 60 kg, a 12 ounce glove is best for sack work and 16 ounce for competing.

Training (Fitness)

These gloves will arrive in an extensive variety of hues and weights. The weight estimate you pick ought to be founded on four central points: hand measure, stature, weight and muscle improvement. As far as muscle advancement, the heavier the glove – the more muscle that will fabricate. In case you’re searching for the best muscle building gloves, pick over a glove that is weighted over 14 ounce.

How To Make Boxing Gloves?

Boxing could be dated back to 6,000 years back in what is now known as Ethiopia. It was incorporated into Olympics in 688 B.C. and there was no stopping it from becoming one of the most popular sports of human civilization. In case, you are really interested to know how the boxing gloves are actually made, then we have some insights for you in here.


All boxing gloves are cut, amassed, sewed, stuffed, and buffed by hand. It starts a glove starts with the essential pieces like the palm, which is chopped with a cut down its center that will in the long run shape the conclusion segment of the glove. Then comes the knuckle territory, which is produced using a solitary bit of calfskin to stay away from creases. Again, the thumb is designed using two parts; the sleeve, which is cut as a wide strip and a thin strip that will be collapsed over and sewn onto the edge of the sleeve and the conclusion zone to complete the glove. The knuckle piece is sliced to be bigger than its completed size with the goal that space is left to stuff.


The cowhide shell of a boxing glove is first sewn together back to front. Sewing is frequently done on a modern sewing machine with a portion of the littler pieces and complete work being finished by hand. A considerable lot of the higher quality gloves are sewed altogether by hand and twofold sewing is utilized all through every single quality glove. The two pieces are fitted over a buck to guarantee the right shape and the crease is assembled with the goal that the knuckle piece expands somewhat.

Then, the liner pieces are sewed onto this collected segment and the palm is loaded down with cushioning. The liner is left open at the base of the glove, where the sleeve will be connected. The collected thumb piece is then sewed onto the glove.


The whole glove is turned right side out and as it is more practical for makers to buy cushioning material in standard sheet frame, the cushioning for the knuckle region is made by layering sheets of the material and afterward slicing it to the coveted shape. This additionally enables glove creators to utilize one institutionalized thickness of cushioning for some, glove weights and particulars instead of buying or assembling an alternate formed piece for each glove display. The slice pieces are layered to the predetermined thickness and are full into the pocket between the knuckle territory and its coating.


The last piece to be sewed to the glove is the sleeve. The sleeve and its covering are sewed together, and the piece is full. The finishes of this gathering are not sewed together as the piece will in the long run shape some portion of the gloves conclusion territory. The gathering is sewed to the open end of the glove piece, cutting off all the open pockets and fixing the glove’s cushioning.

A solitary thin segment of calfskin is collapsed over the open edge of the sleeve and the trim zone and is sewed set up to complete the glove. The manufacturer’s name and any required endorsing body marks are sewn onto the back of the sleeve and the completed gloves are bundled for delivery.


What matters the most when thinking about the Best boxing gloves is that they should be comfortable and must have basic quality. Remember you are unique is hand is different, so you must find your comfort zone. Always keep 2 pairs of gloves as that could help you immensely. Again, make sure that these weigh at least 16 ounces for best results.

Of course, choose it according to your weight (category) and go for laces (more traditional) instead of the modern Velcro. Soft sparring is good for regular training and dense ones if you really are into more bag work. With that we hope to have addressed all your queries appropriately in this post. We leave the rest to you. Take a call.


Best BOXING GLOVES 2019 Reviews: Everything you need
Best BOXING GLOVES 2019 Reviews: Everything you need 1

Today, discuss you and not Ali (May his soul rest in peace) or Holyfield. This is because reaching there could take years of practice and det

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