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If you have ever heard of this saying “fits like a glove”, then chances are high that you know what it exactly means. Such is the case with the Best Baseball gloves and they must fit you well to help you play like a pro. Your gear has an impact on your natural game and we by no means want it to suffer.

In case, you are a beginner, you may have this as a prime question that how can you choose your baseball gloves. Just Gloves have answered all that is possible in this post and we would request you to read it till the end.

What Size Baseball Gloves Should I Get

What Size Baseball Gloves Should I Get

What Size Baseball Gloves Should I Get?

A standout amongst the most critical things to remember with regards to purchasing the Best Baseball gloves 2018 is the distinctive styles and types you can look over. The decision of the best glove for you relies upon the position you play. Again, sizes differ for little hands too! Here is an explanation:

  • Pitcher’s Glove – Most pitchers decide on 11 to 11.75-inch measured glove. They typically pick a web design to conceal their holds from opponents.
  • First Baseman – These gloves are extraordinary due to their length (13 inches) to catch and throw with ease.
  • Catcher’s Gloves – Strong gloves, these are worked to deal with inning battering of 70+ mph rockets and must permit simple access for quick tosses. These gloves are fingerless and include substantial cushioning. A typical catcher’s glove estimate is 32 inches.
  • Outfielders’ Glove – These measure in between 12 to 12.75 inches and have a pocket which is ideal for coming to over the fence and defeating a future grand slam.
  • Infielders – Range in between 10.5 to 11.75 inches and are small in size. These gloves’ have shallow pockets to encourage a brisk conveyance to beat the base runner’s dash. These gloves more often than not have open backs for amazing adaptability and ultra-quick reflex gets.

Top 10 Best Baseball Gloves Reviews

Top 10 Best Baseball Gloves Reviews 2018 on Amazon

Here is a list of the Best Baseball gloves for the money for you:

Franklin Sports Field Master Series Baseball Gloves

This baseball glove from Franklin is something that baseball player should have. Not only does it look impressive but the quality is very high too. There is no denying that this is totally worth every penny you spend on it. This has already overtaken other brands in the market dramatically. The manufacturer is a reputed name in the industry and is known to incorporate improvements in their products and this glove is a perfect example.

For optimum comfort and safety the manufacturer has used a thick layer of synthetic material. The thick layer not only adds to the comfort but it also increases the durability of the gloves. The gloves are ideal for both casual and professional players. The good thing is that the manufacturer offers a valid warranty on the product and you can expect a refund on products that have manufacturing defects on them.


  • The glove is very durable and it will last for a very long time to come
  • The thick synthetic leather adds to the strength of the product
  • This super comfortable to wear for long hours
  • It has a contour fit to make sure the thumb does not feel any discomfort
  • The pocket has a hand formed shape which makes it easy to catch  a ball
  • The manufacturer provides warranty on the product


  • The glove is a bit tight and sees smaller than what is written in the description
  • The weight of the product is a bit more than the usual gloves

Clutch Sports American Flag Baseball and Softball Batting Gloves

Are you looking for batting gloves that will last for a long time? Then go for these gloves as they will not disappoint you in any way. The gloves are designed to provide you with the ultimate comfort and safety while pursuing a sport. The good things is that these gloves are available online in different colors and different sizes. You can buy them without any hesitation at all.

They are quite affordable and it means you so not have to go for expensive brands. The product is made from very durable material so you can expect them to last for a long time. The manufacturer never compromises on the quality of the product and puts them through several tests before selling them.  There is no doubt that these gloves are worth every single penny you spend. Want to know more? Then keep reading.


  • The gloves are specially designed to enhanced performance
  • The palm area provides superior grip
  • The interior of the glove make sure that all the moisture is eliminated and your hands do not sweat
  • Curved design facilitates a comfortable fit
  • The sublimated back offer optimum comfort
  • These are used a batting  gloves
  • Readily available online
  • The manufacturer provides a valid warranty
  • You can ask for a refund or replacement
  • Very high quality


  • The sizes are inconsistent
  • The gloves seem heavier than what is mentioned in the description
  • The fit is slightly tighter than the other brands
  • All the colors are not available all the time

Mizuno Batting Gloves

These batting gloves from Mizuno should be purchased without any hesitation at all. They boast of high quality and comfortable fit, these gloves are certainly worth buying. Made using state of the art technology these are just what your hand need when you are on the batting front. Engineered to provide the ultimate comfort you can be rest assured that your hands will be safe. These batting gloves are totally worth every penny and you should go out and buy them

The thick material makes sure that it is able to absorb all the shock and make sure that your hands do not feel any discomfort.  The interiors of the glove are created specially to eliminate any moisture. You can buy these gloves online and they come in three bright colors and nine different sizes. Do you want to know more about these gloves? Well keep reading and find out why you should buy them.


  • These are available in three bright colors
  • Available in 9 different sizes
  • Very suitable for both professionals and amateurs
  • The wrist has a Velcro strap that is fully adjustable
  • The air mesh helps to maintain a flow of air
  • Readily available on online stores
  • The finishing s really good and it will last for years to come
  • The company offers a proper warranty on the product
  • The gloves are super easy to clean


  • The gloves are not as lightweight as the company claims them to be
  • The sizes are very inconsistent
  • There are times when all the colors are not available


Made with advanced technology these gloves from Nike are anything but a disappointment. With these gloves you will notice a soaring improvement in your performance. Not only will you experience a better grip buy also enhanced safety for your hands. This has out sold all other brands in the market and that too for good reasons. This is one sports accessory that is worth spending on and as a user you will not regret buying it. Nike is a reputed brand that makes high quality sports gear and these gloves are a perfect example.

The gloves are made from very thick material that not only make them durable but also add protection to the hands. The inner section of the gloves is made specially to eliminate all the moisture so that you do not experience any discomfort. Want to know more about these fabulous gloves? Then read on and learn about this wonderful product.


  • Has an air bag feature that eliminates traces of all moisture from your hands
  • The gloves are very easy to clean and they dry really fast too
  • The design features modifications near the fingers for a better fit
  • Made using high quality leather
  • The finishing is top notch and it will last for a very long time to come
  • These are readily available online
  • The manufacturer offers full refund on products with defects


  • The gloves seem a bit smaller than usual
  • The fit is very tight
  • Not very light weight as mentioned  in the description

Rawlings Renegade Series Gloves

This glove from Rawlings is the ideal product for any sports enthusiast. Expect to perform better with this glove.  This glove is super comfortable and it is designed to protect your hands at all times. So whether you are playing softball or baseball you can get the very best out of this glove. The finishing is superb and you can expect this to last for a very long time. Since this is very affordable, you no longer need to rely on other lavish brands.

The shell is made from sturdy grain leather that not only helps in retaining the shape but also in increasing the durability of the glove. Expect to get grid of any excess moisture from your hands while playing baseball, this is the plus point of the glove. This is certainly worth buying and all the positive customer reviews can confirm that.


  • Very high quality
  • Readily available online
  • Very versatile product
  • The finishing is very good and it will last for a long time
  • Total value for money
  • Made by a reputed manufacturer
  • The design helps in getting rid of all unnecessary moisture from the hand
  • The company offers a full replacement and refund on products with manufacturing defects
  • The design of the  glove will not only help you play better but will also protect your hand in the process


  • The glove is not very lightweight as mentioned in the description
  • The size is not very consistent
  • The inner fabric feels a little coarse on the palm

Rawlings Player Preferred Baseball Glove

Usually, players in slow-pitch softball will in general fly by the field, playing whatever position they are expected to inning by inning. It isn’t excessively little for softball and players who have played for a considerable time at the infield positions in baseball may discover these gloves strike a commonplace harmony.

These quality gloves are produced using extraordinarily tanned retro calfskin shells to give them a return look and a delicate vibe. These gloves offer the perfect mix of solace, cushioning, and strength. This arrangement highlights Zero Shock Palm Pads to decrease sting and give included assurance where you require it most. These are the go-to glove for players hoping to get the most incentive out of their dollar.

Rawlings makes a Player Preferred glove for pretty much any player on the field, one that one can move around from position to position and field to field. Rawlings Player Preferred Baseball Gloves are an incredible decision for recreational moderate pitch softball and ball games. The regular back highlights a Flex Loop pull tie with Velcro to guarantee a cozy and agreeable fit that can be effectively balanced. Moreover, it has quality with a full-grain oiled cowhide shells and all-calfskin bands for solidness and quality.


  • Is 80% ready to break because of pre-oiling
  • Softball-prepared and baseball-skilled
  • Zero Shock palm cushion makes it comfortable
  • Delicate cowhide makes it a good choice
  • It is very affordably priced
  • Movable Velcro tie snaps glove tight


  • People with larger hands may find it difficult to fit in
  • Players that wear closed webs may not be able to adjust to it with ease

Clutch Sports American Flag Baseball and Softball Batting Gloves

Clutch Sports Apparel genuinely respects America’s leisure activity. These gloves can enable you to help a wide range of causes. Other than that, they also have designed gloves dedicated to different causes. For example, there is a pink banner rendition to breast cancer awareness, then there is a flag adaptation and strategic banner variant for military help and obviously, the ordinary red, white, and blue plan. Doesn’t that make them special? Oh yes, it does and there are no doubts about that! If this interests you, then you can read this conversation further.

Clutch Sports Apparel was the sole organization to make an interlocking hold structure for your batting gloves. These batting gloves are planned and made by baseball players for baseball players. These include a pre-curved finger design, intended to explicitly fold over your fingers. They additionally include an interlocking structure for a cozy fit and extensive variety of movement. What makes them more popular is the sizing, which is really difficult to find. More or less, the graphics need special mention that are very vivid.


  • Unique Clutch interlocking planned batting gloves
  • You get a performance Palm for upgraded grasp
  • Limitation free sublimated back for solace and versatility
  • Bent finger design development for regular fit
  • Mesh design adds to breathability
  • One-piece punctured sheep skin palm makes it more breathable and lends it a better grasp


  • People with smaller hands may find it to be baggy or loose
  • The glove material is thick, which could be a turn off for a few players

Wilson A360 Baseball Glove Series

In case you are not certain what position you will play, you have to pick a glove that is flexible and will address your issues without fail. The Wilson A360 was made with similar objective — to oblige all playing positions on the field. It was structured with the requirements of various players as a main priority. An incredible glove for slowpitch softball, the A360 is a standout amongst the most adaptable gloves available.

Regardless of whether you’re an infielder or an outfielder, the Wilson A360 glove remains to be an extraordinary decision. It incorporates the size of 13 inches (which is like a mid-size), as it isn’t too enormous for infield play (which requires speed and adaptability) and neither is too little for outfield play (which requires most extreme getting power play). Thus, the A360 is an incredible glove for all positions.

To take this into account both right and left given players, the Wilson A360 Slowpitch Softball Glove comes with two variants. Despite your hereditary qualities or tossing inclination, Wilson has your back. The Wilson A360 is the ideal glove for slowpitch softball because of a length that is structured perfectly for the round of softball. The profound set pocket is likewise consummately estimated to fit a softball.


  • Available for both right as well as left handed players
  • Way more affordable than you can imagine
  • It made from pigskin and Wilson does not hide that
  • Is sturdy and long lasting
  • Can be broken in quite easily


  • It may be good for recreational purposes over professional ones
  • May seem stiff

Wilson Wta20rb151786 A2000 11.5-Inches H-Web Baseball Glove

This is an outstanding glove amongst the other and is regarded as an ideal pair for apprentices for any situation in the field. It is true that the Wilson A2000 goes ahead the market with the fantastic craftsmanship and high sticker price. The organization has spent endless hours in working with the players of MLB with the end goal to refine the glove further.

Wilson A2000 is proficient mitt for develop players who never trade off on the execution of hardware many games. The glove is exceptionally solid, sturdy, fit to use for experts and develop players. Generally speaking, the ideal glove for expert and dedicated players. The product offering of Wilson is expertly fabricated with the High-quality cowhide with the end goal to give superior and solidness. The glove is best for the grown-ups.

Wilson recognizes the best cowhide accessible for ball gloves some time before it achieves your hand. Everything from the expertly-picked and completed leather to the specialist taking care of it is a piece of how Wilson conveys extraordinary compared to other inclination gloves on the planet.


  • The glove comprises of hand structured examples which are the significant wellspring of persistent enhancement by ASO-SAN and the staff of Wilson Advisory
  • The Wilson A2000 is comprised of cow shroud cowhide for strength and solace feeling. This is the ideal material for mitt
  • The mitt has double welting, two pieces of the cow shroud calfskin are set along the back of the finger with the end goal to give more sturdy pocket and dependable for quite a long time and year’s a great many games
  • The glove comprises of breathable wrist lining which can wick sweat and keep the hands of player dry and cool for an ultra-firm grasp
  • The example measure is imperative factor to consider, the glove has 11.5 inches design estimate
  • The glove comprise of open back
  • H-Web and 2X binding accessible at the base of the web make it different kind


  • Of course, the price tag matters, especially for beginners
  • Slow to break it in

Wilson A360 11.5″ Youth Baseball Glove

Wilson A360 is a standout amongst other mitts for the amateur for any situation in the field. The glove is fit to use with 12-inch measurement. It is anything but difficult to utilize and ready to wear in different ways.

The glove is accessible for both left and right-hand tosses. Wilson one has won our suggestion with its ergonomics and demonstrated plan. That is the prevalent model of A2000 or A2K glove with numerous enhancements. It includes superbly top of the line alteration with the end goal to comply with the hand of new or novice, including gentler, yet movable Velcro Strap for unwavering quality, pre-broken-in calfskin material and secure fit.

A360 is likewise very much cushioned with the goal that it can shoulder the hard hit of the ball and would not sting. There is no counterpart for the A360 Pocket you can without much of a stretch catch the flying ball or grounder ball. The execution never forfeits at any rate. The most stunning thing about this glove is that it is completely flexible in each position. It has the ideal change of the ball into the tossing hand of the player.

Over all, the glove is truly adaptable, reasonable and breathable. What’s more, it is best for easygoing players and grown-ups. To wrap things up this glove is best for baseball because of its size, style, unwavering quality, take estimate, web design and different elements make it appropriate for the amusement.


  • Wilson utilizes high caliber unadulterated calfskin for this glove
  • Wilson A360 14 inch has best hand introduction this astounding glove is accessible for the two hands tosses
  • The glove is structured is very flexible in nature. Any player can adjust it anyplace in the field
  • It has 14-inch measure which makes the glove more reasonable for grown-up and easygoing players
  • The glove has part pivot web which makes it best for all players
  • The Wilson A360 is immaculate in dependability, fitting, sturdiness and without a doubt agreeable


  • May not be the dream one for some

How to choose baseball gloves

There are different types of gloves that are used in baseball. So, when you want to buy one you must have sufficient knowledge on what to buy. You should know that there are different types of gloves depending on which part of the field you are in. Whatever you do you must not rush into the process of buying one. Always take your time and do some research on reputed brands and different types of gloves. Read reviews written by the customers to get an idea on the brands and do take into consideration what you prefer at the end of the day.

The great thing is you can buy these gloves online but you should view the size chart before you make purchases. If you have started playing the game there is a high possibility that your trainer will put you in different spots throughout the gaming season. So, this case you may go for a multifunctional glove.

Here are some tips that you shold keep in mind:

  • The glove must have the appropriate webbing and the other parts of the glove must be well maintained
  • Buy gloves that are suitable for your budget
  • The quality of leather must be good so that it lasts for a long time
  • Select a glove that is versatile
  • Buy a glove depending on the position you play in
  • The product must fit you well
  • The manufacturer should be a reputed one and should also offer you a valid warranty on the product that you buy

How To Clean Baseball Gloves?

Baseball gloves are an imperative piece, if you plan to become an extraordinary player. It isn’t sufficient to simply purchase a glove, wear it on the field and expectation it does its activity. You have to break your glove in, deal with it, condition it and help keep up it so it reaches out past only a solitary season.

Legitimate glove care is basic to guaranteeing your glove keeps going longer than only one season. Remember that most gloves are made of intense and tough natural leather. However they’re powerless against decay if not legitimately kept up. Experiencing a whole season not thinking about your glove will transform your speculation into one that is ensured not to keep going long.

In the event that you don’t have the faintest idea about any better, you may think cleaning a baseball or softball glove is as basic as wiping off the abundance soil that develops, yet in the event that you need to figure out how to clean a mitt the correct way. We have covered you for that and the next section will provide you a detailed account of all that. So, this is our earnest request that you read the subsequent discussion as well for this.

How To Wash Baseball Gloves?

Yes, you will learn a lot from this conversation about how to exactly clean your baseball gloves. Besides, disposing of intriguing scents, cleaning your batting gloves routinely will help expand their life expectancy.

For this you must:

  • After practices and recreations, clap your gloves together to expel soil and dirt
  • When you return home, delicately brush them with a dry leather brush
  • On the off chance that you have to spot clean them, utilize a liquor free wipes used for cleaning leather only
  • When they’re grimy or smell awful, hand wash with a liquor free cleanser
  • You can machine wash few of the varieties, but make sure that you read the instructions before that
  • Always, hang them out of direct daylight to air dry them
  • Use a leather conditioner and work it lightly over the glove

Remember not to keep it inside a trunk or stashed away into an enclosed space. The longevity of your glove depends on your credibility to store as well.

How Heavy Are Baseball Gloves?

On an average the weight of a catcher’s glove is like 26 ounces. This holds right for both kids as well as adults’ gloves. It can roughly transform into 1.6 to 2 pounds. In general, if you choose leather, it is albeit going to be heavier and in case you go for kip skin, then you have a lighter version. On the other hand, you may consider getting cowhide which is medium in weight over steerhide that is not heavier but also stiff. Choice is yours to make!

Where To Buy Baseball Gloves?

Now this is a big question to answer, as there is no specific answer to this. The fact that these are easily available at any sports shop makes it simple. However, you need to know your gloves, brand and comfort. For this, you may have to read a few reviews like this.

Speaking of reviews, where else do you expect to find them? Online of course, as these days everything is obtainable in the internet. Likewise, you can find baseball gloves at leading online retail shops. Go ahead, check them out, compare them, read reviews and then order. This makes it easy and honestly, you are reading this for the same reason. In the same way, you must find all the answers to your queries before investing in a good pair of baseball gloves. What say? Hope you got a proper understanding of where to buy these gloves from. Let us find some answers.

How Do You Type With Baseball Gloves On?

You can wear fingerless gloves to type, but yes you can manage to use your baseball gloves to type (like on the screen of a phone) as well. Seems we really cannot see beyond our phones and tablets, hence this has become a necessity for most of us nowadays. It is possible and all you have to do is to be a little careful with your hands while dragging and typing on your screen. You certainly don’t want to scratch your screen, so need to clap the dirt and grime off your gloves and then type. Always remember not to touch a typing surface if you are soaking wet (with sweat).

How To Make Baseball Gloves?

Even before we start with this discussion, we must tell you that the general process of manufacturing of baseball gloves remains to be the same with companies across the world. Here is how they are made:

  • Die-cut – The parts of the cowhide conceal that will be utilized for the mitt, are cut by a machine into four sections: the shell, cushion, coating and web. This procedure takes after a cutout style of cutting.
  • Shelling and Lining – The shell of these gloves is often sewn together while back to front. The glove is then turned out and the coating is embedded. The lined shell is set on a gadget known as the hot hand, which warms up to encourage shape and frame the glove to the right size (like finger gaps is opened up).
  • Insertion – Two layers of calfskin are hand-sewed together to make a cushion. The cushion is then embedded into the rear area of the glove and is placed according to type of the glove (according to player’s position). Not to mention, these pieces give extra help and insurance.
  • Web – The web is then made from a few bits of cowhide. There are diverse webbing styles, generally favored by players as per position. A portion of these styles incorporate: Basket, Trapeze, Two-Piece Closed and I-Web. The web is developed independently before the whole glove is sewed and bound together.
  • Sewing – The palm and back are sewn together and after that joined with alternate pieces by means of rawhide binding. It is basically calibrated at this stage. The glove is again set on a hot hand for conclusive forming and quality affirmation.

With so many retail sites fighting it out, it may not be that difficult to find the Best Baseball gloves these days. The imperative is to make them last longer and for that you must do everything possible in your proximity. This is not about just buying and playing one season in it. The point is, the value it adds to your performance that should not be forgotten. You must feel brand new every time you play in it and that certainly depends on you. It is your choice that makes all the difference, be it selecting the right brand or to maintaining it!

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